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5 Steps to Register EU Company

  1. Obtain e-Residency in Estonia

    e-Residency card has many benefits. One of the main benefits is that it will allow to incorporate a company in Estonia 100 % remotely. e-Residency costs EUR 100,00 and it is possible to apply for it online here.

    Timescale to obtain e-Residency card is up to 30 days. It is possible to receive your card in the closest Estonian Embassy. List of representative offices of Estonia you can see here.

  2. Find a contact person in Estonia

    If you wish to manage your European company remotely, then Estonia is the best jurisdiction in EU. Estonia at the moment is the only country in EU which have created provision in Commercial Code which allows to manage company from abroad. In order to manage company from abroad, it is necessary to have a licensed corporate service provider in Estonia who will represent the company in communication with state authorities. For communication purposes, the legal address of the contact person will be considered the address of the company in question. This means that when company appoints a contact person, it is not required to have a registered address in Estonia. GATE TO BALTICS is licensed corporate service provider in Estonia and we are able to be your legal contact person. Our fee for this service is EUR 350,00 per year.

  3. Company incorporation in Estonia

    The next step is to register company in Estonian company register. This process is 100 % remote and all you need is e-Residency card and legal contact person. Your legal contact person (GATE TO BALTICS, hopefully) will prepare online petition and only action required from you will be to sign the online document with your e-Residency card. The process of signing takes no more than 5 minutes. State fee for company registration is EUR 190,00. Our service fee for petition preparation online and guiding you through the process is EUR 200,00. Company registration takes 1-2 business days.

  4. Bank account opening in EU

    After company incorporation, we will assist you with IBAN account opening in one of our partner payment service provider institutions. The customer identification and account opening process is done remotely. Remote bank account opening usually takes 1 or 2 business days. Share capital can be contributed via payment service provider institution within 1 year from company incorporation. Note: PSP must be registered in EEA. All ur recommended PSP’s are registered in EEA.

  5. Accountancy for EU company

Estonian company must follow all accountancy standards. We are able to provide you with accountancy services and the price of accountancy usually depends on the number of transactions and turnover of the company. For detailed quote feel free to contact us by using contact form below.

Price for EU company

  • e-Residency: EUR 100,00

  • Legal contact person: EUR 350,00

  • State fee: EUR 190,00

  • Assistance fee for document preparation and IBAN: EUR 200

  • TOTAL: EUR 840,00

If company wishes to apply for VAT registration number, the fee is EUR 200,00. VAT registration number Estonian companies receive within 5 business days.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us or leave your thoughts in comments section below.

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