Business environment


Positioned at the crossroads of Northern and Eastern Europe, the Baltic state of Latvia is rapidly making the most of its recently-acquired status as a member of the EU. Foreign investment is rising strongly and Latvian authorities have taken steps to streamline the regulations governing company formation. The most popular business entity is the limited liability company (SIA). Corporate tax rate is fixed at 20% providing corporate reinvestments at a 0% income tax rate.

A company in Latvia is well positioned to be an effective European intermediary for trade between Western and Eastern, "Russian-speaking" countries. Latvia is a multilingual society where all three Latvian, Russian and English languages are commonly spoken and professionals are adept at working with both Western and Eastern business cultures. Latvian banks are extremely efficient and well-developed (compared with often bureaucratic Russian banks), and can maintain accounts in all currencies including "soft" ones, such as Russian Rubles.

Territorial Investments Group can provide you with comprehensive consultancy about company formation in Latvia. We can help you with company formation in a legal and tax matters, whether you reside in Latvia or not.

If you are a resident of Latvia who is willing to register a company in Latvia and need any kind of assistance regarding this matter, we are here for you to help.

We will handle all the necessary documentation regarding company formation in Latvia, maintain all the matters with State Revenue Service and provide your company with accounting services. Usually company formation in Latvia does not take longer than 5-7 working days.