Company formation in Estonia

Once you have decided to establish a company in Estonia it is recommended that you would familiarize yourself with the following principles:

  • The founder of a legal entity could be one or several legal or physical persons

  • At least one physical person must belong to the management board

  • Company must designate a contact person if the management board is located in a foreign state

  • Address of a legal entity must be in Estonia

  • Appropriate accountancy according to the laws of Estonia

  • Minimum share capital contribution EUR 2500 or shall be paid within a year (if established without contributing the share capital)

  • There is no requirement to appoint a director, the members of the board are responsible for the management of an incorporated entity

  • Company registrations through notary take up to 5 business days

  • Approximately 3 business days to obtain VAT number


Relevant data and documents to register a company 

  • The business name, legal address and e-mail of the private limited company being founded

  • The proposed amount amount of share capital and the nominal value, number of shares and their division between the founders

  • The amount of the share capital and payment method. For physical persons the law allows to incorporate a legal entity without contributing share capital

  • Information on the founders and the members of the management board, including contact details, personal data

  • Area of planned principal activity (EMTAK code)

  • Copy of passport or ID-card of the founder and the member of the board, if a subsidiary is being founded then it is necessary to send us an extract from the founder’s local commercial register


Company registration process in Estonia


1. Incorporation of company with e-Residency

For all our customers we strongly recommend to apply for e-Residency if they plan to inccoporate a company in Estonia. You can easily apply for e-Residency here or if you feel that you would like to have more information about it, before you apply, feel free to contact us

Process to obtain e-Residency officially lasts up to 30 days, but our experience shows that customers receive it during 2-5 weeks since submitting the application. 

After customer has obtained e-Residency, GATE TO BALTICS will prepare online petition for company formation, appoint ourselves as a local contact person and incorporate a company on behalf of the customer. Once the petition will be ready, we will inform the customer, who will sign it with e-Residency card. After that company will be registered within 1-3 business days. 

Price: EUR 1040

More detailed information about our prices see here


We understand that 30 days to receive e-Residency might seem too long and therefore we have another option:

2. Company incorporation at notary office

GATE TO BALTICS prepares all corporate documents and arranges notary appointment in Tallinn with customer where he signs company incorporation documents.

Company formation process takes up to 5 days and it is more expensive than company formation with e-Residency because of additional workload and notary appointment.

Since this company formation process is faster if person does no have e-Residency, we recommend this option to customers who are in a hurry because of certain contract deadlines or other reasons. However, we still strongly advise to apply for e-Residency card, because it will solve a lot of issues related with company management. More information about benefits of e-Residency see here

Price: EUR 1390
More detailed information about our prices see here


3. Company formation remotely with power of attorney

Customers who are unable to travel to Estonia and for some reason does not want to apply for e-Residency card, are able to incorporate a company on basis of power of attorney (PoA). 

Member of the management board, issues PoA to GATE TO BALTICS and based on this document we shall incorporate a company on customer's behalf. Please note that PoA must be verified by sworn notary, apostilled and in English. Depending on the country of origin of person who issues PoA we have experienced that process of document verification and apostille might take more than 30 days (timescale for obtaining e-Residency). Since this is the most complex option for company formation in Estonia, we always recommend customers to contact to make a final decision about the exact process for company formation.

We shall coordinate all the information with our customers and provide guidance to fill in any necessary data based on customer’s request.

*GATE TO BALTICS OÜ is a licenced service provider in Estonia provided by the Financial Intelligence Unit.