Company formation in Latvia

In order to register a company in Latvia we would recommend to familiarize yourself with the following requirements:

  • The founder of an incorporated entity could be one or several legal or physical persons

  • At least one physical person must be appointed as the company director

  • Registered legal address of legal entity (no P.O. Box allowed)

  • Minimum share capital contribution EUR 2846 - at least half is required to be paid up

  • Since the submission of documentation and share capital contribution the duration of company registration is 5 business days. With reduced timescale the registration can be done within two days if the company has only one shareholder

  • Approximately 30 business days to obtain VAT number

Relevant data and documents to register a company 

  • The business name, legal address and e-mail of the private limited company being founded

  • The proposed amount amount of share capital and the nominal value, number of shares and their division between the founders

  • The amount of the share capital and payment method. For physical persons the law allows to incorporate a legal entity without contributing share capital

  • Information on the founders and the members of the management board, including contact details, personal data

  • Area of planned principal activity

  • Copy of passport or ID-card of the founder and the member of the board, if a subsidiary is being founded then it is necessary to send us an extract from the founder’s local commercial register


We shall coordinate all the information with our customers and provide guidance to fill in any necessary data based on customer’s request.