Export management

In order to succeed in international export markets, business must have access to resources that can help them improve their knowledge and their export management readiness. GATE TO BALTICS export management team offers training and advisory services to our customers who wish to create a company in Baltics and expand in local markets. 

As a corporate management company, we consider that our work does not end with issuance of company’s incorporation certificate. We are able to prepare company before it enters the Baltics providing state of the art export management services. 

1. Sales partner attraction

  • GATE TO BALTICS will identify potential sales partners in your specific business segment and set up meetings with them.
  • Our team will inform you about the cultural differences you might face while starting the business in new region and prepare you for sales meetings accordingly. 
  • GATE TO BALTICS will take care of all practical nuances of the meeting – venue, logistics, presentations, etc. 
  • Identification of the sales channels. Our team will identify the best sales channels for your business and provide you with detailed guide on how to implement sales strategy by using these channels. 
  • Trade fair set up on behalf of the customer. 

2. Compliance procedure guidelines

  • We will provide you with most important information regarding compliance documents, so you start your business in the right way.
  • Preparation of licensing documents.
  • Background check of potential partners from the region.

3. Export Management program

  • Evaluation of company’s products and services for export market.
  • Development of export strategy along with customer’s export development team.
  • Development of new, prospective products and services for export markets.
  • Guidelines for customer’s team on how to establish communication with customers and sales partners in export markets.