What is the first step to incorporate a company in Latvia or Estonia? +

Contact us. Obviously. We are probably the best in the business who could assist you with all information.

How long does a company registration take? +

Not long. Usually 2-3 business days if all documents are in order.

I have heard something about e-Residency in Estonia. What is that? +

e-Residency offers secure access to Estonian e-services for local and foreign residents. This is like your key to e-governance in Estonia. Person who has e-Residency card is able to digitally sign documents and login to all state portals which are important for every - day business management.

Can you open a bank account for my company? +

We have developed successful cooperation with several banks and payment institutions in Latvia and Estonia where we could refer you.

Can I incorporate a company remotely without e-Residency card? +

Yes. It is done with help of power of attorney which you grant our representative specifically for the purpose of company incorporation.

According to Commercial Code of Estonia, if company is managed from abroad, it needs to appoint local contact person who is responsible to receive communication on behalf of the company. Only licensed companies are able to provide contact person service.

Can Gate to Baltics be contact person for my company? +

Yes, we can. Since January 2018 GATE TO BALTICS is licensed business service provider in Estonia with operating license Nr. FIU000191.

I can't decide between Latvia and Estonia? Which jurisdiction would be better for my business? +

It always depends on type of your business and future plans. Our experience shows that Estonian companies are better for remote management - for example - "one man" companies where owner and director is the same person and manages business remotely. Typical examples are IT freelancers, copyrighters, web designers, remote translators. At the same time, if company requires to open a physical office in the country, then we would recommend Latvia, because of available employees, cheaper real estate and relativley easy business management.