What is the first step to incorporate a company in Latvia or Estonia ?

Once you have made a decision that you would like to establish a company we would recommend to contact our specialists and discuss your interests and perspectives based on which we will find the most suitable solution.

How long does a company registration take ?

The timescales are both similair in Latvia and Estonia, generally the process takes up to 5 business days in order to confirm all the procedural documents by the registrar of the local commercial register.

What is e-Residency provided by the Republic of Estonia ?

E-Residency offers secure access to Estonian e-services for foreign citizens. The owner of the e-resident's digital ID card can digitally sign documents and log into all the portals and information systems that recognize the Estonian ID-card. E-residency allows alien to manage his/her business in Estonia, regardless of one's physical location, i.e. remotely.

Who is an e-Resident ?

E-Resident is an alien to whom Estonia creates a digital identity on the basis of the identity of his country of citizenship and issues a digital identity card. An e-Resident's digital ID is not a physical or travel document and does not have a photo. E-Residence does not give citizenship nor residence permit or permission to enter Estonia or the EU.

What are the benefits of e-Residency and for which cause I can use it ?

Among other things, ID cards can used for the following actions any place in the world:

  • digitally sign documents within minutes;

  • to establish a company in Estonia within an hour;

  • make bank transfers in seconds;

  • to participate actively in the management of a company registered in Estonia;

  • declare a tax payment in Estonia with a few mouse clicks.

Can you open a bank account for my company ?

Yes, although while opening an account in one of the local commercial banks, it is necessary to visit the bank office physically to open a fully operational bank account. To avoid the visit we would recommend you to become an e-Resident, which allows you to open an account remotely by using the service of one of the partners of e-Residency program.

How is company registration procedure done by using Power of Attorney ?

General procedure forsees that we will issue an approriate Power of Attorney to act on behalf of the customer, the customer will need to sign the document, whereupon it must be verified and in certain cases apostilled by the notary. Once the previously mentioned procedures are done and we have received the document, we can start the incorporation process on behalf of the customer.

Can you make a web page for my company ?

Yes. We are able to provide you with professionally designed web page as well as with other things which are important for visual image of your company. We can provide you with professionally designed logos, business cards, company presentations and even with accounts in social media (twitter, facebook, etc.). Based on the request and interest of the customer we will discuss all the necessary details and if necessary we will direct you to the relevant specialist.

Explain the meaning of "licenced service provider" ?

Due to the legislation of Estonia it necessary to apply for a licence to provide corporate services. The licence grants us possibility to represent customers and provide guidance in the company formation process while following strict "know your client" procedures.

What is Due Diligence?

All reputable incorporators, banks, accountants and legal firms operate under a Code of Conduct. This Code requires that you know your client. This information is private and therefore held under client privilege. By this means, we can help prevent fraud and the spread of criminal activity throughout the world.