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Market research


“Research is creating new knowledge” - Neil Armstrong


services in the field of market research

GATE TO BALTICS understands the importance of market research before starting the business. Market research gets more necessary when company enters new markets. Market research as a service developed during the years of practice when along with company formation, customers requested additional information in a form of reports about specific fields.

  1. Competition analysis. Prices, marketing strategy, employee salaries, amount of partners, customer network, size of the company, etc.

  2. Establishment Guidelines for specific business. For example, if company wishes to create virtual currency exchange in EU. Document includes legal research about legislation; applicable law; licenses required; necessary internal documents; corporate structure; etc.

  3. Partner match - up sessions. GATE TO BALTICS sets up meeting sessions with certain amount of potential partners from desired market of the company.

  4. Customer surveys.

  5. Market - entry strategy.

COST of market research services vary depending on the company, therefore we recommend to contact us to request a quotation.


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