Other Services

We are specialized in commercial law providing full-service and guidance related to company incorporation proceedings. As we value the time and resources of our clients we shall take care of all necessary acts regarded to corporate issues, completely remotely.

We are offering the following services

  • Company incorporation service, including in other jurisdictions

  • Consultations and clarifications on Estonian corporate law and regulations

  • Legal analysis based on client’s interest, intention and request

  • Preparation and drafting of legal documents, including necessary corporate documents such as applications for entry in commercial register, the memorandum of association, the articles of association, power of attorney

  • Communication with local and public authorities, notaries, sworn translators or other third parties

  • Customer representation based on power of attorney

  • Document translation for the Estonian Commercial register

  • Assistance and guidance related to the applications for a license and/or authorisation


  • Corporate bank account opening and document preparation

  • Submission of an application to obtain a VAT registration number

  • Organization of accountancy service

  • Market research based on client’s request

  • Research on qualified workforce and communication with recruitment offices

  • Organization of services provided by the advertising agencies (marketing campaigns etc.)

  • Backround check on other companies/partners

  • Reasearch on real estate and drafting of tenders

  • Guidance and assistance related to corporate transactions

  • General assistance on errand running and other company set-up questions

  • Assistance with e-residency proceedings

If you are interested in founding a corporate entity in some other jurisdiction please be free to contact us and we will find a solid solution for you to set-up your company also abroad.