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Presentation training


“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.”


the most common presentation skills issues:

  • Too much text

  • Reliance on Powerpoint

  • Poor design

  • No connection with the audience

  • Confidence (too much or no confidence)

  • Monotonous speech

  • Stress

  • Unclear structure

  • Lack of preparation

  • Length

  • Obvious reading

  • Odd gestures

GATE TO BALTICS has developed presentation training program which will develop presentation and public speaking skills and eventually lead to signing new customer or landing a job interview.

Our track record is that we have professionals who have participated in multiple debating events across the world and have taught public speaking and argumentation classes in universities.

The power of presentation makes the difference between success and failure


1. Presentation development

GATE TO BALTICS creates presentation for customer

We prepare technical side of presentation and send it to the customer who further does the presenting. This tool is useful when you have all the data, but you struggle to find the best template / illustration / infograph on how to present it. This is where we come in. After customer has provided us with data, we will prepare technical presentation, according to customer’s business profile.


Example from one of our presentations

COST: from EUR 300


2. Presentation training

GATE TO BALTICS prepares you to give the best possible presentation

Even the best created presentation might not be successful if the presenter is not properly prepared. Common mistake is that marketing department creates fancy presentation and gives it to person from financial / IT / administrative department to present. Public speaking is a skill which must be trained. If person hasn’t done it, then risk to fail is very high.

Practical perspective of presentation training:

  • Personal meeting with the customer. No online tutorials.

  • Multiple practice sessions.

  • Work with presentation structure, gestures, connection with audience.

  • Suggestions on public appearance.

It is possible that our presentation coach will travel to customer’s office and conduct sessions there.


3. Presentation training sessions

Presentation skills training workshops held by GATE TO BALTICS presentation coach in premises of the customer

This method combines both above mentioned methods. Training session covers technical perspective as well as public speaking:

  • How to deal with stage fright?

  • Hands. What to do with them in presentation?

  • How to dress for the occasion?

  • Connection with audience

  • How to lead Q/A session?

  • What to do with bored audience?

  • Which template to use and where to find them?

  • The best presentation creating platforms

  • Icons, images, design of presentation

  • Balance of colours

  • Structure of presentation

  • Text in presentation

COST for this service is EUR 3900 + travel expenses if applicable.
Workshop lasts 3 working days with 4 hours per day and is led by presentation coach who has practical and academic experience in public speaking and argumentation courses.


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