Presentation training

The power of presentation makes the difference between success and failure. The ability to create and give an effective presentation is a skill. And presentation skill as any other skill can be trained and developed with time.

GATE TO BALTICS team has visited various conferences of different scale and in all of them we have noticed several presentations which would need more serious training and preparation. There is no doubt that when stepping on the stage in front of unknown audience person has the best intentions to make great impression of the company he is representing. However, if the presentation is not strong enough, or even worse - if the presentation is bad, it does more harm than good to the company. 

The most common presentation skills issues are:

  • Stress
  • Structure
  • Preparation
  • Length of presentation
  • Monotonous presentation
  • Obvious reading
  • Odd gestures and behaviors
  • 100% reliance on Powerpoint
  • Presentation is "stuffed" with text
  • Unbalanced presentation
  • Poor design (use of old templates)
  • No connection with the audience
  • Poor question and answer session

GATE TO BALTICS has developed presentation development and training program which will help individuals and organizations to perform much better during presentations which will result in signing a new customer or landing a job interview. 

Our track record: experience of nearly 20 years in the business, during which we have developed more than enough of high end presentations to represent ourselves in various conferences and private meetings with customers and our business partners. 

We are offering three types of presentation development and training programs:

  1. Presentation development

All we need from the customer is information and data about the relevant topic. For example, customer has  to present quarterly results of his branch to shareholders. Customer obviously has all the data, but he is too busy to spend his time while inserting all this data in to Powerpoint, Prezi or any other platform for presentations. Customer sends data to GATE TO BALTICS and we take it from there. Within one business week (period may differ from the size of presentation) we send back created presentation in design by customers choice and with relevant icons, pictures and color themes. 

      2. ​Presentation training

Our experience shows that even the best created presentation can fail if person who is presenting it, is not properly prepared. This is common mistake which we have observed on various occasions - marketing department prepares the presentation and sends it to responsible person to present it. And then the magic happens. Even the brightest and most educated people might get stage fright when stepping on to the stage in front of audience or even in conference room presenting quarterly results to shareholders. Therefore, we have developed a training program during which our experts will work with responsible people from your organization to prepare them properly for the presentation. 

We don't believe in online tutorials and e-books when it comes to dealing with stage fright. Sure, they might help a little by giving few useful tips, however, they will never prepare a person like real face-to-face sessions with presentation experts who has done it for several years. 

Our approach during presentation training is simple, yet effective - we travel to customer and spend as much time as we need to prep him for the presentation. We will work not only with stage fright, but also with structure, gestures, connection with audience, voice tone, appearance and many more important aspects which has proven to be vital during process of presentation. 

Depending on the amount of people who should receive presentation training and deadline of the event, we will decide how large team will we send to customers' office. 

          3. Presentation development and training sessions

This method combines both above mentioned methods. GATE TO BALTICS team travels to customers' office where we usually hold 1-3 day long learning session which consists of following topics:

  • Which template to use?
  • The best presentation creating platforms?
  • Icons, images, design.
  • Balance of colors.
  • Structure of presentation.
  • How do deal with stage fright?
  • Hands. What do you do with hands during the presentation?
  • Appearance.
  • Connection with audience.
  • How to lead question / answer session?
  • Where to look when you are not looking?
  • Text in presentation.
  • And more relevant topics.

To receive detailed presentation development and training program, please contact us via contact form below.