Prices for Estonia in EUR

Company formation, including first year registered office      1390

Registered office - Annual Payment (incl. scan service)          800

VAT registration                                                                                600

Accountancy per annum (starting from)                                     600 

Apostilled statement from the commercial registry                150

Licence for service provision linked with virtual currency      5 000


Company formation with e-Residency card

Assistance with registration and IBAN account                        400

Legal representative and registered address                           350

State fee for company registration                                              190

State fee for e-Residency application                                         100

Total                                                                                                     1040             


Prices are VAT excluded



Prices for Latvia in EUR

Company formation, including first year registered office    1490

Registered office - Annual Payment (incl. scan service)        800

Income tax registration                                                                 200

VAT registration                                                                              400

Accountancy per annum (starting from)                                   1200 


Prices are VAT excluded

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