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Baltics at glance

Estonia and Latvia represent the worldwide economic freedom facilitating progessive growth and providing great environment for entrepreneurs. The governments of Latvia and Estonia are putting considerable effort into promoting entrepreneurship and  bringing foreign investments while creating more and more favourable conditions in legislation, support structures and in principles of business running. Due to having an exclusive  geographical positions both countries are specialists in international business having the freedom to enter a wide number of markets thus commercial activities between partner countries hasn’t been more easier than it is today. High level of education and qualified workforce favour innovation and adoption of new techniques reflecting already today in a fast growth of both economies.

The Estonian and Latvian tax policies are flexible and entrepreneur-friendly, e.g. Latvia and Estonia levies corporate income tax only on distributed profits which allows corporate reinvestments at a 0% tax rate. Benefits derived from the legislation and general practice has made both countries as the most progressive economic environments in the EU.

Moreover another key factor is the efficiency and speed of public authorities which will certainly make matters easier in bureaucratic terms. In so far the exchange of information is extremely fast at state level thus the possibility to carry out operations within few days is granted in any sector without having to unnecessarily waste time on waiting.

Both countries offer such a great opportunity to organise your business more efficiently, whether you need to manage your business without physical presence through online environments – become an e-Resident of Estonia or you would like save on taxes – register a holding company in Latvia and gain the advantage of exemption on income tax and royalties.

Feel free to ask us any questions about company formation possibilities in Latvia and in Estonia, we are happy to be part of your financial success and shall assist you in any way on this journey.

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